Fuel Gas Control

The Fuel Gas Control system monitors, controls and safeguards the fuel gas supply.

The system is split into one separate Gas Control System (GCS) and one Gas Safety System (GSS).

Managing Fuel Supply and Bunkering with GCS

The Gas Control System (GCS) will monitor and control the general fuel supply process of the FGSS. The gas plant shall mainly be automatically operated in the sense that it shall continuously perform its purpose with little to no operator actions. This does not require 24/7 operator monitoring of the gas plant but it does require that operators are available to execute specific operations. At least one operator is required to permanently be on board and on call to attend to the gas plant in case of an alarm or any other event occurs. Via the GCS system you also perform the bunkering operation and can monitor vital process parameters in the bunkering process.

Ensuring Safety with GCS

The main task of the Gas Safety System is to monitor safety critical elements of the FGSS. This is both the external conditions such as piping integrity, escape of explosive gasses and malfunction in the LNG Fuel System. In addition the GSS will monitor safety critical sensors in the LNG Fuel System such as pressure and level. Manual shutdown actions will also be handled by the GSS. Depending on the situation the GSS will perform actions according to the cause and effect matrix.

Høglund automation mimic showing control of fuel gas