Seismic Compressor Control

Our system efficiently manages multiple screw compressors, reducing power consumption while maintaining stable pressure for seismic gun arrays.

Our advanced seismic control system manages multiple screw compressors to ensure a stable supply of pressure for seismic gun arrays. It is meticulously developed to optimize compressor usage, reduce power consumption, and minimize onboard noise levels, all while maintaining operational reliability, safety, and equipment redundancy in the event of failure. To guarantee consistent pressure delivery to the gun arrays, we utilize both compressor RPM control and Fisher atmospheric release valves to keep pressure within operational limits.


  • Stable Supply Pressure: Ensures a reliable and consistent pressure supply to the gun arrays.
  • Reduced Power Consumption and Noise: Reduces energy usage and minimizes noise levels, enhancing comfort and environmental friendliness.
  • Stable Grid Load: Contributes to a stable and balanced electrical grid load.
  • Easy Mode Changes: Allows for seamless transitions between operational modes.

Key Functions:

  • Compressor Start and Stop Control: Manages the activation and deactivation of compressors.
  • Capacity Control through RPM Regulation: Optimizes compressor performance by adjusting RPM.
  • Demand-Based Minimum Compressor Operation: Ensures the minimum number of compressors required are running based on demand.
  • Cascade Fisher Valve Regulation: Utilizes cascading Fisher valve control to maintain desired pressure levels.
  • Multiple Control Locations: Provides control flexibility across multiple locations.
  • Selectable Pressure Sensor Process Value: Allows for customization by selecting the desired pressure sensor process value.
  • Critical RPM Avoidance by Speed Offset Between Compressors: Prevents critical RPM conditions by introducing speed offsets between compressors