MRV/DCS Auto Upload

Simplify compliance with Høglund MRV DCS Auto Upload. Seamlessly integrated into Høglund Connect, it automates reporting for environmental documentation.

The Høglund MRV DCS Auto Upload module minimizes manual labor associated with generating mandatory environmental documentation. EU/UK MRV, IMO DCS, and IMO BDN document uploads are currently supported.

The MRV/DCS integrates into the proven Høglund Connect setup to seamlessly automate reporting.

Once the module is set up, minimal work is required to maintain report generation:

Avoid stress when the reporting deadline nears because of early detection of warnings and errors. Report submission to DNV is performed daily. Errors and warnings are visible a short time after data submission in the Høglund and Veracity pages.

CII ratings are immediately accessible, both with and without exceptions. Høglund knows the data and we can easily spot issues. No need for a fourth party to wash data and prepare reports.

With the assistance license, Høglund engineers can fix issues during the reporting period. Høglund engineers can assist in setting up CII exceptions so you can maintain the edge during contract negotiations, reduce cost, and honor the mandatory yearly CII improvement schedule.

The MRV/DCS Auto Upload module supports most types of vessels, including ferries.