Power Management System (PMS)

Høglund Power Management System performs all necessary functions required to handle the power generation and main distribution onboard all types of vessels and configurations.

Høglund Power Management System (PMS) is well-known for its adaptable functions, trustworthy logics and user-friendly operator interface. It may be integrated together with other systems or installed as standalone system. Høglund PMS can be customized to fit all types of switchboard configurations, from diesel electric, to advanced mechanical/ hybrid propulsion, combining main engines, shaft generators and clutch control.

Design Philosophy

No failure of a system component shall lead to changes in the system. In case of any loss of system components, no generators will stop, and no breakers open/disconnect.

The main parameters in the system are the number of generators to be kept connected, and the desired starting order of these. When these parameters are altered, the system will automatically re-arrange the generators, breakers and other components, in order to facilitate the desired configuration.

Other functionalities included are:

  • Load dependent start/stop - handles the start/stop of the engine in situations when this is required by the power demand.
  • Pre-warning - a function which automatically starts the next available generator if any engine conditions which will lead to a shutdown of the engine is getting critically near the shutdown limit
  • Shut down function - when an engine shutdown is detected, the PMS will immediately disconnect affected generator and start the next one in the pre-defined sequence.
  • Load reduction - each thruster drive receives an available power signal from the PMS, which prevents the generators from overloading, reducing the risk for a total blackout in case a generator trips.
  • Heavy Consumers - Controlling start of heavy consumers by looking at connected and available power on the switchboard. Starting new engine / connecting new generator if needed. (engine/generator)
  • Blackout Reconnection - handles both partial and total blackouts, reconnecting important breakers after blackout
  • Switchboard configuration - configuration of tie breakers/swb breakers depending on operational mode.


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