Høglund delivers full automation systems including Power Management, Ship Performance Monitoring and Safety Systems for all types of Cruise vessels and Ferries. These vessels in particular need to comply to high safety and environmental standards, and we are here to support the transition by including hybrid-electric systems in our deliveries.

We have specialized solutions for all types of cruise and exploration vessels and RORO and ROPAX ferries. Some of our deliveries are listed below;

Vessel: Nordkapp, Owner: Hurtigruten; Delivery: 2014 (retrofit 2021)

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, Safety System, HVAC Control, Cargo Control, SPM and Playback

Vessel: Bergensfjord, Owner: Fjord1, Delivery: 2006

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, SPM and Playback

Vessel: National Geographic Explorer, Owner: Lindblad Expeditions, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: IAS, SPM and Playback

Vessel: Bastø IV, Owner: Bastø Fosen, Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, SPM and Playback

Vessel: Saga Pearl II, Owner: Saga Cruises, Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: IAS

Our solutions for Passenger

Alarm & Monitoring

Høglund Automation System gives you a functional, fully integrated and highly scalable set of alarm and monitoring tools to secure your vessel's operations

Ship Performance Monitor (SPM)

Høglund SPM is a highly adaptable monitoring software, designed to help manage and improve the ship and fleet efficiencies.

Energy Storage System (ESS)

Optimizing load on engine driven generators, in all operating modes, will deliver fuel savings and reduce the number of generators needed for safe operations.