Offshore vessels

Høglund delivers full automation systems including Power Management, Ship Performance and Safety Systems for all Offshore Supply and Service vessels.

We deliver integrated automation and energy solutions to all types of offshore vessels, including:

  • Supply Ships
  • Pipe layers
  • Crane barges
  • Drill ships
  • Floating Storage Unit (FSU)
  • Platform supply vessels
  • Anchor handling vessels
  • Diving vessels
  • Multipurpose vessels

Vessel: Island Venture, Owner: Edison Chouest, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, ESD(SIL2) and Playback

Vessel: Grand Canyon II, Owner: Volstad Management AS, Delivery: 2015

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS and Playback

Vessel: Windea La Cour, Owner: Bernhard Schulte; Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: IAS and Playback

Vessel: Skandi Acergy, Owner: DOF, Delivery: 2008

Høglund Solutions: IAS, SPM and Playback

Vessel: Wildebeest, Owner: Edison Chouest, Delivery: 2014

Høglund Solutions: IAS, PMS, PFC and Playback

Vessel: Siem Symphony, Owner: Siem Offshore, Delivery: 2016

Høglund Solutions: SPM (Stand-Alone)

Our solutions for Offshore

Engine Safety

Høglund ECS is ideal for retrofit solutions. It can also be fitted on new deliveries.

Power & Energy Management

Høglund Power & Energy Management System (PEMS) performs all necessary functions required to handle the power generation and main distribution onboard the vessel.

Ship Performance Monitor (SPM)

Høglund SPM is a highly adaptable monitoring software, designed to help manage and improve the ship and fleet efficiencies.

Relevant Customer Cases

Bernhard Schulte: Wind Turbine Service Vessel

Windea La Cour & Windea Leibniz were delivered to Bernhard Schulte in 2016/2017